ATTENUATOR FLANGE MOUNT 20 Watts 04.00 dB 20W 04.00dB 33-1001 110ohms DC-4.0 Ghz 33-1001-04.00 RF FLORIDA 33A100104.00F 110 ohms

US $4.01 More details

RFR50-10 Flanged Termination 10W 50ohm RESISTOR DC-3GHz RFR50-10TBE0707 10 watt 50 ohms RESISTIVE dummy load Single PIN original

US $0.84 More details

ATTENUATORS Chip Power 1.5W Attenuation 3dB Frequency DC-12.4 GHz Impedance 50 Ohms PCAW-3 API

US $3.33 More details

HD Voice 2 SIP lines IP Phone VoIP Phone Asterisk Elastix Mini Slip Telephone Headset Interface Multi Language Support

US $55.38 More details

8pcs R50R0-250 250watt 50ohm in PCB 50ohm AT-292A R50R0-250-1Q X 8PCS

US $68.40 More details

High Q Capacitors P90 ATC100B200JT500XT ATC100B200JW500XT ATC100B200JP500XT ATC100B200JT500XT a200J a200J 20pF Chip Capacitor

US $4.56 More details

1 POE 2 SIP Lines Entry-level Business IP Phone,Open VPN,HD Voice, 2.4 Inch Color LCD Desktop office VoIP telephone

US $55.38 More details

TERMINATION FLANGE MOUNT 60 Watt 50 Ohm DC-6.0 GHz 32-1085 RF Termination Microwave Resistor High Power Dummy Load Original

US $5.99 More details

ATTENUATORS FLANGED Power 100 Watts Attenuation 2 dB 100-2AE-S Frequency 0-1 Ghz BeO Ceramic LOW VSWR

US $4.56 More details

TDA7294 100 V, 100 W DMOS audio amplifier TDA7294V Audio Amp Speaker 1-CH Mono 100W Class-AB 15-Pin(15+Tab) MULTIWATT V Tube

US $1.33 More details

ATTENUATOR FLANGE MOUNT 20 Watts 01.50 dB 20W 01.50dB 33-1001 250ohms DC-4.0 Ghz 33-1001-01.50 RF FLORIDA 33A100101.50F 250 ohms

US $4.01 More details

FHX06LG Super Low Noise HEMT FHX06LGT low noise and high gain amplifiers in the 2-18GHz frequency range GaAs FET

US $2.09 More details

TERMINATIONS POWER 250 WATT IMPEDANCE 50 OHM Frequency DC 3.2GHz Cross Reference RFP 250-50TC High Power dummy Load

US $5.32 More details

Flange Resistors RFR250-50 250watt 50ohm 250W 50ohm Cross Reference RFP 250-50RM 31-1076 31A1076F RFR 250-50 RFR50-250

US $4.47 More details

Hik Inclined Mount Bracket for DS-KB6403-WIP DS-KB6003-WIP

US $30.00 More details

Terminations Flange EMC 32-1037 250 watts 50 ohms DC to 2 GHz RF Termination Microwave Resistor High Power Dummy Load DC-2.0GHz

US $3.69 More details


US $2.09 More details

SmartYIBA Electric Strike Lock NC Mode Electric Lock No Lock Door Access Control System For Doorbell Doorphone

US $21.78 More details

2089-6202-00 2089-6203-00 2089-6201-00 PD89-0038-02S Multi-band Power Dividers 0.8-2.5GHz 25Watts PD89-0040-02S

US $8.08 More details

ATTENUATOR FLANGE MOUNT 150Watts 03.75dB 33-1001 110ohms DC-1.0 Ghz 33-1001-03.75 RF FLORIDA 33A100103.75F 110 ohms

US $6.06 More details

TY400 50 RF TERMINATIONS 400watts 50ohms High Power dummy Load Power 400W Impedance 50 OHM Frequency DC 0.5GHz

US $37.05 More details

Attenuators Fixed Flange Mount 100W 20dB 50 ohms RF Termination Microwave Resistor High Power Dummy Load 100WATT 50OHM

US $4.85 More details

Flange Resistors 250 watts 400 ohms 31-1004-400-5 Peak Power 2500 watts RF Microwave Resistor High Power 250W 400ohm

US $5.32 More details

RD15HVF1 RF POWER MOS FET Silicon Transistor 175MHz 520MHz 15W designed for VHF/UHF High power amplifiers applications

US $3.02 More details

JERUAN FREE SHIPPING 7 inch video door phone doorbell video door phone intercom system 720W white monitor + Power Adapter

US $52.35 More details

HOMSECUR TM901R Monitor DP-998R For Tongwei Video Door Phone

US $93.69 - 102.22 More details

HOMSECUR 7" Wired Memory Monitor BM716-S For Video Door Entry Security Intercom For Home Security

US $85.70 - 98.82 More details

Dahua Original VTO2111D-WP with Dahua LOGO 1MP Wi-Fi Villa Video Intercom Outdoor Station Upgrade from VTO2111D-W

US $84.62 More details

JERUAN METAL Outdoor camera doorphone video door phone Apartment RFID camera C4D-6V FREE SHIPPING

US $142.50 More details

REDEAGLE Door Phone Outdoor Camera Unit For 1V1 2V1 Home Video door phone doorbell Intercom System

US $23.49 More details
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